At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul

It’s only taken forty-five years or thereabouts, but Horrorthon is delighted to present this legendary 1964 Brazilian horror classic, the first in writer/director/leading man Jose Mojica Marins’ formidable Coffin Joe trilogy, a heady tale of small-town passions run seriously amok. Marins’ iconic Coffin Joe is a demented undertaker with a seriously philosophical bent, a supernatural satyr who terrorises a tiny religious community in search of the perfect woman to bear him a child. If At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul plays like a demented fever dream, it’s possibly because the story came to Marins during a serious depression-related illness; legend has it that he only played the role himself because his leading man fell through at the last minute. Coffin Joe is still alive and kicking – only last year, Jose released a new Joe movie, Embodiment Of Evil, to considerable acclaim. Acquaint yourself with the deliciously strange original pronto.

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