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We kick off 2013 with a powerful programme exploring alternative perspectives on family values.  

PROGRAMME 1: THE FAMILY                 
Bob Quinn’s seminal documentary, deemed too disturbing for television viewers and not broadcast until 10 years after its completion, reveals life inside the Atlantis Commune at Burtonport, Co. Donegal where its members, The Screamers, led by English woman Jenny James, practised Reichian methods of extreme emotional self-expression.

FILM INFO: 25 minutes, 1979, Colour 

Read a note on the making of this film by Bob Quinn.

PROGRAMME 2: STATISTIC                   
Set against the background of the Abortion Referendum in the 1980s and echoing the debates surrounding the issue today, Alison Kelly’s portrait of a young Dubliner who becomes pregnant is a sensitive and nuanced exploration of a woman’s choice as to whether to have an abortion or not.

FILM INFO: 27 minutes, 1983, Colour

Read Alison Kelly’s director’s note on the making of this film.

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