Irish Film Institute -APOCALYPSE CLOWN


Director: George Kane

102 mins, Ireland, 2023, Digital

A troupe of failed clowns and an intrepid reporter embark on a chaotic road trip of self-discovery after a mysterious solar event plunges the world into anarchy. When international clown master Jean DuCoque dies suddenly, Bobo (David Earl), a hobo clown who has hit rock bottom, Pepe (Fionn Foley), a talentless mime, and Funzo (Natalie Palamides), an inadvertently terrifying ‘street clown’, are thrown together at his funeral. After a mass brawl with some vengeful human statues earns them a night in jail, the group emerges to find a country that has descended into apocalyptic mayhem. Lugging DuCoque’s stiffening corpse, the unlikely heroes escape with The Great Alphonso (Ivan Kaye), a pompous ex-TV celebrity and Jenny Malone (Amy De Bhrún), an ambitious journalist, and venture cross-country in Bobo’s jalopy in search of answers.

Notes by David O’Mahony

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