Animation Festival International shorts: competition 1

Testament- The Bible in Animation- Moses
Director: Gary Hurst
Production Company: Cartwn Cymrl
Synopsis: Murder, escape, visions, plagues and the parting of the Red Sea; all the spectacular drama of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt.
Duration: 25 mins

Living Forever
Director: Peter H. Reynolds and Gary Goldberger
Production: FableVision, LLC
Synopsis: Living Forever is the tale of a young boy who is seeking the artist who inspired him. The boy has a gift for his mentor, which can only be delivered in person.
Duration: 5 mins

Everybody’s Pregnant
Director: Debra Solomon
Production: Debra Solomon, pharoh films
Synopsis: A wild ride through the rough terraine of modern baby making.
Duration: 6 mins

Director: Simon Goodchild
Production: Sherbet
Synopsis: A bee receives his orders to go and gather pollen for the hive. Nervously he exits to the outside world. Initially things are simple and straightforward but unknown dangers await the lonely bee.
Duration: 2 mins 34 secs

Cow and Chicken
Production: Cartoon Network
Synopsis: Cow possesses a courageous spirit that occasionally reveals itself in the form of Supercow-a fearless Spanish-speaking cow who uses her tremendous weight and protruding teats to rescue her brother from whatever predicament he’s got himself into.
Duration: 22 mins

Director: Matthew Hood
Production: Douglas Ray
Synopsis: The sands of time measure out a never-ending cycle of life… Duration: 5 mins

Director: Chris Landreth
Production: Alias/Wavefront Synopsis: What happens when a lie is told long enough and loudly enough?
Duration: 5 mins

Music for an Owl
Director: Ties Poeth
Production: Cinema Avant Synopsis: Over four seasons a striking picture of the animal life in an old Gothic church is sketched.
Duration: 12 mins

Au Loop
Director: Jean HEMEZ, Sebastien REY
Production: SUPINFOCOM
Synopsis: A personal version of Charles Perault’s Little Red Hood.
Duration: 6’32

Bubble Trouble
Director: Jens Werner Andersen
Production: Volda College
Synopsis: A puppet explores his own body.
Duration: 3 mins 35 secs

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