Irish Film Institute -An Ambiguous Report on the End of the World

An Ambiguous Report on the End of the World

Inspired by the prophecies of Nostradamus, Jakubisko’s latest film revisits the inspirations of his sixties work. Set in a remote mountain village ‘at the edge of the world’ and almost outside of time, it is a powerful and uncompromising combination of ballad, western, and folklore. When a joyous wedding is attacked by wolves, the pregnant bride, Verona (Deana Horvathova) both loses her husband and gives birth to a daughter, Veronika. In gratitude for the assistance of 10-year-old Goran, she promises her baby daughter to him in marriage. Later, she will fall in love with him herself. Jakubisko’s warning against apocalyptic horrors takes in disease, earthquake, and, worst of all, the destructive nature of human revenge. Rich, evocative and bizarre, it draws on his own memories but constructs a world composed of the many cultures ‘that move the world toward its irreversible end’. Czech Republic, 1997. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby stereo. 138 min.

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