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When Amelie was released in France last April, it quickly became a smash hit, taking over £30 million at the box office and winning ecstatic reviews.
Amelie Poulain (Audrey Tatou) is a shy cafe waitress who, on hearing of the death of Princess Diana, accidentally discovers a box of childhood toys behind her bathroom wall. The toys belong to the boy who lived in her apartment several years before, and she impulsively decides to return the box to him, secretly observing his delight in rediscovering his childhood treasures.
Having found her vocation as a good fairy, Amelie dreams up devious schemes to make other people happy. This distracts her from her own loneliness until she falls in love with eccentric Nino (Matthieu Kassovitz), but she is at first too shy to approach him, sending him mysterious messages instead.
Director Jean–Pierre Jeunet offers a picture postcard vision of Paris, with graffiti and other unsightly items digitally removed. The result is an idealised, nostalgic view of the city that befits this comic fairy tale.

France/Germany, 2001, Drama/Comedy, 122 mins, Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
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