91 minutes| U.S.| 2010| Colour

Five attractive young friends charter a small plane for a weekend getaway – handily enough, one of them (90210 star Jessica Lowndes) is a rookie pilot. As they begin their ascent, it becomes rapidly apparent that something has gone seriously wrong: the instruments are malfunctioning. The plane won’t stop climbing. And the fuel is beginning to run out. It gets worse – there’s something in the clouds – something evil. Oh no! They’re trapped in a low-budget horror movie! It transpires that a mysterious force wants them to die, horribly, and only one of them has the power to stop it. Talk about your fear of flying… Coming to Dublin fresh from its world premiere at the LA Frightfest, Altitude marks the directorial debut of Eisner Award nominated comic book creator turned filmmaker Kaare Andrews, best known for his work on various Marvel Comics titles. You’ll never want to charter a plane again!

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