Alone Across Australia

Director: Jon Muir

2004. Colour. Digital video. 55 min.

Accompanied by his ever-game Jack Russell terrier, veteran Aussie adventurer Jon Muir documents the ‘first unsupported traverse’ of his native land. Without communication or navigational technology, and living just off the land, he embarks on a 1,600-mile, 128-day south-to-north trek that involves passage through the continent’s three driest deserts, where the entire human population is under 100. Despite enduring droughts, storms, dingo attacks and bouts of depression, Muir continuously shares his thoughts with the camera and demonstrates his endless appreciation of nature. The film is much more than a travelogue and the eccentric, unguarded Muir makes for delightful company. (2004. Colour. Digital video. 52 min.) Plus Bruce and Me, director Oren Siedler’s scintillating film about her troubled and unusual relationship with her brilliant, charming yet criminal father.

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