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Director: Jérôme Bonnell

86 minutes, France, 2015

Jerome Bonnell, who’s Just A Sigh opened the IFI French Film Festival in 2013, revisits his favourite themes of love and emotion in this light-hearted drama where the central love triangle calls to mind Truffaut’s Jules et Jim. Twenty-somethings Charlotte (Sophie Verbeeck) and Micha (Félix Moati) are in love but Charlotte is cheating with Mélodie (a radiant Anaïs Demoustier)… and so too is Micha. It’s complicated; they are all very much in love with each other, yet (deep) deception surrounds them. For Mélodie, it’s a dizzying array of emotions at the centre of the secret of both her lovers.

Director’s Note: Treading a delicate balance between burlesque humour and a refined melancholy, Bonnell directs with the lightest of touches.

Showing as part of the IFI French Film Festival 2015 (November 18th – 29th)

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