Irish Film Institute -All About My Father

All About My Father

Director: Even Esben

Esben Benestad, a Norwegian doctor and politician, is a transvestite who lives increasingly as a woman, and is an outspoken activist for better understanding of what he terms ‘bi-gender’ people. This outstanding documentary, which won the 2002 Teddy prize for Best Documentary at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, was made by Esben’s son Even. Esben wanted the film to promote his campaign for increased awareness and understanding, while Even wanted to trawl the painful feelings his father’s choice has aroused in his family. Juxtaposing interviews with his parents, sister and Eben’s second wife with footage of his father shopping for women’s clothes and dressing and going out as a woman, Even Benestad has achieved a film of great honesty and startling maturity.
Norway-Denmark, 2002. English subtitles. Black and white/Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 75 mins.

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