Director: Duncan Roy

Set in London as Thatcher comes to power, AKA is the story of working-class Dean (Matthew Leitch of Band of Brothers). Kicked out of home by his abusive father, he embarks on a Ripley-esque quest to reinvent his life by introducing himself to Lady Gryffoyn (Diana Quick), whom he mistakenly believes to be a friend of his mother’s. Inveigling himself into her world of artists and aristocrats, he moves to Paris and spirals deep into debt and deception. Dean’s growing realisation that he cannot escape his past is set against a savage portrait of the British class system. Using split-screen images throughout, this is inventive, riveting filmmaking, originally shot on video but showing here in a new 35mm print. Director Duncan Roy will be present to introduce his film and will also participate in the Forum.
U.K., 2002. Colour. 120 mins.

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