The era of the cinema newsreel in the first half of the 20th century coincided with an era of seismic shifts in social and political life in Ireland. Dr. Ciara Chambers of the  University of Ulster, author of recent book Ireland in the Newsreels, will discuss how events such as the War of Independence, Partition, the Irish Civil War and the two World Wars were represented.

Made largely from British viewpoints but also by Irish and American companies, newsreels were constantly seeking to avoid censorship and controversy, and sought to perpetuate social norms and satisfy public taste.

Newsreels depicted the Irish as violent, insular and backward, as well as enterprising, plucky and an asset to Britain, depending on the political climate. The talk will be illustrated with newsreel footage, including material preserved in the IFI Irish Film Archive, and will appeal to anyone with an interest Irish History.

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