Irish Film Institute -AE FOND KISS


Director: KEN LOACH

104 minutes, U.K.-Germany-Italy-Spain-France, 2004, Colour, 35mm

Casim (Atta Yaqub) is a DJ, a second-generation Pakistani Muslim in Scotland who is about to enter an arranged marriage. He meets and falls for Roisin (Eva Birthistle), an Irish-born teacher at a Catholic school. The pair both find themselves in conflict with their communities.

The third in a trilogy of Glasgow films, Ae Fond Kiss is a sweet-hearted, warmly observed and frequently funny cross-cultural romance that presents itself as lighter than My Name is Joe and Sweet Sixteen, despite its serious concerns and Laverty’s motivation to write a script in response to the treatment of Muslims in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. 

This film is screening as part of our Ken Loach retrospective (May & June). Loach’s latest film, Jimmy’s Hall, opens at the IFI on May 30th. 

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