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Director Vinny Murphy’s first feature burst onto the screen with a vitality often unfamiliar in urban Irish films. With a cast of largely unknowns, the film deals with a frenetic stolen car chase from Belfast to Dublin, involving five male drivers and their female companions. The chase is triggered by the longtime rivalry between two drivers from opposite sides of the border.

Although some of the film is set in the North, the political situation is bypassed to some extent until the film’s very dramatic, unexpected finale. The main enjoyment of the film comes from the tension which Murphy builds up, establishing the characters and setting the scene for the race to begin, to the accompanying David Holmes soundtrack. Several of the cast actually worked with him before on various projects and have since gone on to develop their acting careers. Any fears that the film tries to glamorise car-stealing are quickly quashed. This is a coming-of-age story that manages to be both hilarious and at times, frightening.

Irl •1999 • Action/Drama • 88 mins • Director: Vinny Murphy

* Vinny Murphy will attend one of the screenings for a Q and A session

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