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Absolute Giganten

The 4th German film in our project with the Goethe Institute is another feature from Xfilme, the company behind Lola rennt/Run Lola Run. This feature takes a different look at contemporary German society, through the friendship of three young men: Walter the mechanic lives with his Italian grandmother in a drab high-rise, Ricco dreams of being a rap star, and Floyd is a dreamer. United by their shared interest in girls, cars and avoiding responsibilities, things start to change when, after a period on probation, Floyd decides that he must get out of the rut. He tells his friends the day before he leaves Hamburg for a job on a shipping line and they embark upon their final night out together. The three characters of this moving and realistic story encounter happiness, thrills, danger and almost tragedy during these hours that finish with the arrival of dawn – and a glimmer of hope. Recently shown at the Junior Dublin Film Festival, it was voted ‘Best Film’ by the student jury. A study guide will be available.

Germany,2000,Drama,80 mins, Director: Sebastian Schipper
Please note: this film contains strong language
Also showing at:
Garter Lane Waterford, Tuesday 5th March 9.30 am, 11.30am. Price: €3.00 per student
For more information contact Caroline Senior on (051) 855038
Briery Gap, Macroom, Friday 8th March 10.30 am
For more information contact Anne Dunne on (026) 42421)
Ormonde Cinema Nenagh, Wednesday 13th March 1.30 pm
Tralee Cinema, Tuesday 19th March 10.30 am
Ennis Cinema, Tuesday, April 9th 10.30 am
Athlone IMC, April 12th 10.30 am
Sligo Model Arts Centre, April 23rd 10.30 am
For more information contact Marion McEvoy on (071) 41405
All booking through fiieducation on (01) 6795744 unless otherwise stated.

If you would like a screening of the film in your area, please contact us. In order to cover costs and keep a low admission cost, a minimum of 150 students is required.

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