About Adam

Director: Gerard Stembridge

Playful about sex, scornful towards monogamy, and comfortable around homosexuality, About Adam is a romantic-comedy which wholly captures the free-spirited nature of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger boom.  The film hinges on the enigmatic Adam (Stuart Townsend), a dynamic and unpredictable lothario who woos  waitress Lucy Owens (Kate Hudson), followed by her two sisters and even her brother. Despite the infidelity and betrayals recurrent throughout, the family remain enamoured of this handsome rogue; sisters Laura (Frances O’Connor) and Alice (Charlotte Bradley) and brother David (Alan Maher) find their lives invigorated by spending time with Adam. The film amounts to an entertaining romp through a vibrant middle class Dublin which until then had rarely been seen on film, one which displays the wit of director Gerard Stembridge.

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