133 minutes, China, 2013, Subtitled, Colour, D-Cinema

This film closes on Wednesday, May 28th.


A thrillingly forthright survey of contemporary Chinese society, Jia Zhangke’s state-of-the-nation address decries a country gradually being corrupted by capitalism and violence, as an increasing divide grows between the urban haves and the rural have-nots.

Told in a quartet of interweaving episodes, each sees a member of this new, oppressed class do their best to strike against their newly moneyed subjugators and the evolving economic system: a villager enraged by self-serving local chiefs takes revenge on the part of the collective; a migrant worker does what he has to in order to survive; a sauna receptionist is threatened with rape by a disgruntled customer; and a young factory worker tries desperately to improve his lot. The anger at the heart of the film makes for occasionally uncomfortable viewing, but it is a vital portrayal of one of the world’s great powers. (Notes by Kevin Coyne.)

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