Irish Film Institute -A Nous la liberte!

A Nous la liberte!

Two friends who had met in prison meet again in the business world. One of them, an escapee, has become a powerful boss. The other, having served his sentence, is a mere worker on the assembly line. They are equally ill at ease in the hell of industrial production and decide to escape together. Making clever use of songs, sound effects, a horizontally panning camera, rhythmic dialogue and choreographed movements, Rene Clair created a sublime musical comedy satire on the work ethic. The film inspired Chaplin’s Modern Times.

France, 1931.
English subtitles.
Black and white.
97 min.


Paris qui dort (The Crazy Ray), Clair’s first film is a manic comedy about a crazed inventor who perfects a ray that suspends animation throughout Paris. The prolific jokes about motion and stasis are fundamentally movie concept gags and they relate directly to avant-garde film concerns of the 1920.

France, 1923.
Black and white.
20 min.

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