Irish Film Institute -A Love Divided

A Love Divided

Set in a seaside town in 1950’s Ireland, this is the passionate story of love that is challenged by the dogma of an insular society. Based on an actual event, this film explores the shattering impact of one woman’s decision to stand up for her principles. Sheila, a young Protestant woman marries her true love, Catholic farmer Sean Cloney and they take the ‘Ne Temere’ pledge to bring up their children as Catholics. Father Stafford, the local parish priest, exerts pressure on Sean to send their children to the local Catholic school. Sheila resists and their commitment to one another is put to the ultimate test.
DIRECTOR Syd McCartney
PRODUCERS Tim Palmer, Alan Moloney, Gerry Gregg
CAST Liam Cunningham, Orla Brady, Tony Doyle, Sarah Bolger
RUNNING TIME 95 minutes

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