A Decade Under the Influence

Director: Richard LaGravenese & Ted Demme

USA 2003. Colour/B/W .108mins.

A slice of movie history, charting the Golden Age of American Filmmaking
Chronicling the last great period of American filmmaking and by far the most significant time in which movies both reflected and informed the public consciousness, Richard LaGravenese and the late Ted Demme provide an entertaining assessment of directors and actors of the 1970s.The studio bosses who ruled with iron fists had gone to that great screening room in the sky and contracts no longer made stars slaves to a particular studio.
A new generation of American filmmakers rose to fill the void. Influenced by European greats like Godard, Fellini and Buñuel, they replaced the escapist movies of the past with gritty, realistic dramas.The result in Hollywood was a concentrated library of socially and psychologically relevant films, the likes of which American moviegoers hadn’t seen before and may never see again. Interviewees include Martin Scorsese, Paul Schrader, Robert Altman, Julie Christie, Francis Ford Coppola, Dennis Hopper and John Voight.

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