Irish Film Institute -The Playboys

The Playboys

Director: Gillies MacKinnon

1950s Ireland has proved a popular theme in Irish film and director Gillies MacKinnon here turns to it to tell a story about an unmarried mother, Tara (Robin Wright), whose refusal to conform to expectations scandalises her conservative community. The arrival of a troupe of performing actors, whose looser morals appeal to Tara and trouble the townspeople, offers her allies and exciting possibilities in free spirit Tom (Aidan Quinn). Her desire to live more freely, however, is continually interrupted by the interference of parish priest Father Malone (Alan Devlin), and by the romantic overtures of the local Garda Sergeant Hegarty’s (Albert Finney). This powerful cast – which also includes Milo O’Shea as the troupe’s conniving director – brings great energy and verve to this refreshing tale of non-conformity in 1950s rural Ireland.

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