Irish Film Institute -5 BROKEN CAMERAS



90 minutes, Palestinian Territories-Israel-France-Netherlands, 2011, Subtitled, Colour

This year’s Audience Award winner at Sheffield Doc/Fest, 5 Broken Cameras, co-directed by Palestinian citizen Emad Burnat and Israeli citizen Guy Davidi, chronicles a five-year period in the former’s home town of Bil’in, a small Palestinian village in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

On the birth of his son in 2005, just as the Israeli government began construction of a security barrier separating the village from nearby settlements, Burnat acquired his first video camera, with which to record his son’s growth. Instead, as disquiet concerning the barrier grew, he began to document the non-violent protests of his family, friends, and neighbours, and the disproportionate force with which they were met. A deeply personal perspective on the conflict, this is a film that powerfully advocates a greater understanding between the opposing sides.


5 Broken Cameras wins the IFI Stranger Than Fiction Audience Award! Read more:

Audience Award and the Special Jury Prize at International Documentary Festival Amsterdam;

World Cinema Directing Award at the World Documentary Competition at Sundance;

This film is showing as part of the IFI Stranger Than Fiction Festival 2012, Dublin’s Documentary Festival.

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