Director: John McIlduff

83 minutes, 2011, Colour, Digi-beta

Ireland on Sunday is our monthly showcase for new Irish Film.

This debut feature from shorts filmmaker, writer and theatre director John McIlduff is a darkly comic road movie that follows Eddie, a 50-year-old accountant, and Liz, his junkie son’s girlfriend, as they travel across Northern Ireland in a bid to pick up a lamb and thus save his son’s neck.

En route, they fumble their way through a series of comic, tragic and disturbing adventures: Liz, struggling with her own drug addiction and her separation from her disabled son, and Eddie struggling with his weight problem and his depression.

McIlduff describes it as a quintessentially Northern Irish film “not in terms of conflict and politics … but (in terms of) the colours and textures of the landscape, the darkness of our humour and our stern hearts that yearn to open.”

The film’s leads, Nigel O’Neill and Aoife Duffin, will be in attendance, and John McIlduff will participate in a post-screening Q&A.

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