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Total runtime: 74 minutes

The IFI is pleased to launch our new occasional series of dedicated Irish shorts programmes with this vibrant snapshot of contemporary Irish short animation. In recent years Irish animated shorts have garnered significant international acclaim. Most recent is – Julien Regnard’s success with Somewhere Down the Line winner of Best Animation award at Clermont-Ferrand (the Cannes of short films). Whilst Alan Holly’s Coda is fresh from winning at 2014’s SXSW. This programme includes BAFTA and IFTA nominated directors and some of the leading lights of contemporary Irish animation.

Emotionally complex in reach, each of the films presented utilise a vibrant and eloquent visual language to explore relationships in flux, the passage from childhood to adulthood and the gentle, confusing melancholy of mourning. Visually sumptuous and always engaging, Irish short animation has to be experienced on the big screen.

Bomb: David O’ Reilly
1 minutes, 2014, Colour

Somewhere Down the Line: Julien Regnard
11 minutes, 2014, Colour

On Departure: Eoin Duffy
6 minutes, 2012, Colour

Old Fangs: Adrien Merigeau, Alan Holly
12 minutes, 2009, Colour

Donkey: Louise Bagnall
6 minutes, 2009, Colour

Seed: Ashling Lindsay
2 minutes 48 seconds, 2015, Colour

Loose Ends: Louise Bagnall
2 minutes 20 seconds, 2013, Colour

Left: Eamon O’Neill
12 minutes, 2013, Colour

We, the Masses: Eoghan Kidney
12 minutes, 2011, Black & White

Mirror: David O’Reilly
30 seconds , 2014

Coda: Alan Holly
9 minutes, 2013, Colour

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