Director: Stanley Tucci

90 mins, 2017, UK, Digital

This film screened on Wednesday 23rd August 2017.

Our monthly gastronomic feature followed by a meal in the IFI Café Bar.

August’s pairing of a new release and a specially devised main course menu will be Stanley Tucci’s Final Portrait, followed by a meal inspired by the film in the IFI Café Bar.

Tucci’s film is a lively portrait of the Swiss sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti (Geoffrey Rush) who asks his friend James Lord (Armie Hammer) to sit for a portrait in his crumbling Parisian studio.

What the perfectionist Giacometti promises will take mere hours stretches into days and eventually weeks leading a despairing Lord to wonder if he will ever be free from the studio.

The menu for the evening will be: 
Beef Bourguignon- beef stew cook in red wine, mushroom bacon carrots celery
Mussels mariniere- cooked in white wine, garlic, shallots, parsley served with garlic bread
French onion soup served with gigantic cheese crouton


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