AGE 10-12 

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Have you visited other parts of Europe and wondered what it might be like to live there? Imagine growing up in a snowy climate or somewhere you couldn’t move freely.

This free film programme is specially selected for young people interested in seeing different stories from across Europe. What does Milica have to do to get across the Serbian border? Will a young boy get to see Europe’s biggest dam? Watch these wonderful stories and take part in a number of film-related activities, with a facilitator on hand to create an enjoyable space for discovery and discussion.

Created as a lead-in to the EFA Young Audience Award which IFI Education & Creative Europe Desk Ireland – MEDIA Office will host in May 2018.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this initiative, please come and talk to us after the event.

The full list of shorts is below:

The Big Dam/Le Barrage (Switzerland)
A boy and his father go on a road-trip to see Europe’s biggest dam, and their relationship is put to the test.

Odd is an egg/Odd ere et egg (Norway)
Odd feels left out at school because of his egg shaped head, but that changes when he meets someone special in this peculiar tale.

Baka (Germany)
Milica must disguise herself as a boy so that her father can take her across the border into Europe.

Volcano Island (Hungary)
A young tigress looks for food and avoids an even bigger predator in this abstract tale set on a prehistoric island.

The Debt (Ireland)
Daithi wants to impress classmate Jessica with some jewellery, and asks best friend Penny to help him come up with a scheme in this enjoyable short Irish film.

To book call IFI Box Office on 01 679 3477 


Supported by: Creative Europe Desk Ireland – MEDIA Office

This event is part of IFI Family Fest August 25-27 2017. Read more here.

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