Irish Film Institute -FAMILY FESTIVAL 2017: SHORT TALES 2




Can a moon creature and a robot learn to get along? Will Quim be able to scale a human tower just like his father did? Can Daithí cobble enough together to afford a necklace for his classroom crush? From Spain, U.S., Ireland, and other places, this exciting collection is sure to capture the imaginations of older children.

The full list of shorts is below: 

Time and Again (Ireland)
Lucen and Brian are building a time machine in Lucen’s shed – but why is it that Lucen so desperately wants to go back in time? This quietly affecting Irish drama features wonderful performances and a quietly affecting story.

Goats (Russia)
Two goats on a train can’t resist poking their heads out for a snack!

Shirts to Heaven (Spain)
Quim wants to scale a human tower as part of the village tradition, just like his father once did.

Crab/Kakkutta (Sri-Lanka)
10 year old Nethu wants to be a fisherman when he grows up, and can’t understand why his father doesn’t want him to be.

Two Trams (Russia)
Two trams, a father and son, help each other as they grow up and grow old in this endearing handdrawn animation about family.

Mr & Mrs Kim (USA)
Joshua is embarrassed by what his parents do for a living, so he pretends to his class that they are spies.

Volcano Island (Sri-Lanka)
A tigress looks for food and avoids an even bigger predator in this abstract tale set on a prehistoric island.

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar (Switzerland)
A bird and a caterpillar compete over a leaf, before uniting in order to escape a fox.

AGE 8+ 

This event is part of IFI Family Fest August 25-27 2017. Read more here.

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