Irish Film Institute -FAMILY FESTIVAL 2017: SHORT TALES 1



60 mins

Our specially selected programme of short films for younger viewers is not to be missed.

There’s a French tale about a musical bear, a Russian story about a baby deer learning to sled, a gorgeous Irish animation about the power of imagination, and much more.

The full list of shorts is below: 

A pelican tries to find a new friend that sounds just like him in this funny, hand-drawn tale filled with lions, elephants and penguins.

Joining Dots (Ireland)
Luna likes to ‘join the dots’ with the stars at night. Soon her imagination takes her on a journey in this gorgeous short film from Ireland.

The Sled (Russia)
A young bushy-tailed fox finds a sled and goes on an adventure while the birds spur him on. A simple and sweet animation from Russia.

The Pocket Man (France)
The pocket man lives in a shoebox and collects things other people throw away. One day he finds a key, and decides to return it to its rightful owner. A cute, pocket sized story.

Tiger (Germany)
When this curious cat comes alive, he might just take a bite out of your lunch! A clever mix of photography and animation.

Peppercorn Unicorn (Australia)
A young girl is spending the weekend with her grandmother when she finds a cookbook with a special recipe in this magical short.

Moroshka (Russia)
A young girl forms an unlikely friendship with a big wolf in this gorgeous hand-drawn animation from Russia.

Once Upon a Blue Moon (UK)
A blue moon-creature and a robot become friends in this funny little tale.



This event is part of IFI Family Fest August 25-27 2017. Read more here.

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