Mother and Baby - Photo by Maurice Gunning


This online form is for submission of Irish short and Irish feature documentaries – ie non-fiction films documenting reality.

Submission Deadline:

Submissions must be made on or before 18.00 Wednesday, June 17th 2020.
See below for festival conditions.


Please include country code.
Ireland refers to all-island. For these purposes an Irish film is one which fulfils one of more of the above criteria.
Please include information relating to all public screenings that have already occurred and all scheduled to take place before September 25th 2019.
Please insert a private online link to your completed film here, and include the password.




  1. Please note preference will be given to films which are Irish premieres.
  2. Films that are publicly available online or have been broadcast on Irish television or on a channel available to Irish television audiences should not be entered and will not be considered.
  3. Films that have been submitted for previous IFI Documentary Festivals will not be considered unless they have been altered substantially since last submission.
  4. Films must have been completed no more than 24 months before submission date.
  5. There is no entry fee.
  6. Films will be selected by a team of experienced IFI programmers.  Their decisions on selection will be final, and we will not be able to enter into any further correspondence in this regard.
  7. The IFI Documentary Festival is currently scheduled for September 23rd to 27th 2020 – the festival will proceed on condition of the lifting of cinema closures in line with governmental guidelines re: the COVID-19 outbreak.



By submitting to our festival, we will utilise any personal data that you submit to us as part of the details of your submission, to evaluate your submission for the purposes of the festival.

We will use your data as part of our internal surveys to assess the number of submissions for the festival and where submissions came from and from what category.

You are in control of your data and should you wish to delete your data, you may request us to do this at anytime.

To withdraw consent to use your data and delete it from our systems, please email us with your request.

Data Consent

The only way to enter our film festival is by submission. It is not possible to enter the festival without a submission. Therefore by submitting to our festival you are giving us consent to utilise your data in the ways listed above.

It is impossible for our festival to manage your submission and your involvement in our festival without using your data.

If you do not consent to this and would like us to delete your data entirely after the festival, please contact us. By making a submission to our festival you are giving your consent for us to use your data.



Formats: Films which have been selected must be delivered on DCP for exhibition or on digital file compliant with IFI tech specs.

Scheduling of films: time, date and screen – will be decision of IFI Documentary Festival.

Subtitles: Any Irish or foreign language films must have english subtitles.

Delivery deadlines: Exhibition copies must be delivered to the IFI in an agreed format no later than September 6th 2019.

Publicity: IFI reserves the right to use extracts from submissions for festival publicity and marketing purposes.

Awards: IFI Documentary Festival hosts two audience awards: Best Feature and Best Irish Short.

Submission Deadlines: Films must be submitted before 6pm Wednesday, June 19th 2019.

Successful applicants will be notified by 31st July 2019.

Successful applicants agree to show their film at IFI Documentary Festival which runs from September 25th – 29th 2019.

Successful applicants confirm that they are authorised to allow IFI Documentary Festival to screen their film at the said Festival, and there are no legal obstacles or litigation preventing them from doing so.

To the best of their ability, upon receipt of festival notification, successful applicants will ensure that their film will not be screened in Dublin before the 25th September 2019 either in a theatrical setting or other commercial outlet (including DVD, internet streaming, VOD or television). Successful applicants agree to notify IFI if this status changes at any point prior to the Festival screening.

Successful applicants agree to meet all delivery deadlines as stipulated by IFI.

IFI Documentary Festival reserves the right to use extracts from programmed films (up to 2 minutes) for promotional purposes (including but not limited to exhibition on the IFI website), and to provide preview links for purposes of press coverage and publicity.


The IFI acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council.



The IFI is supported
by The Arts Council

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