Shane Carruth

This screening will be introduced by Sean Power, Department of Philosophy Trinity College Dublin.

Aaron and Abe, two young engineers dabbling in a side-line entrepreneurial tech project stumble upon a means to travel in time in Shane Carruth’s ultra low-budget debut, which he directed, produced, edited, wrote, scored and starred in.

With an appropriately DIY aesthetic, Carruth applies a rigorously intellectual approach to the concept of time travel, investigating its potential applications and knotty conundrums in a real-world fashion, trusting the audience will keep pace with the often dizzying parallels and alternative realities Aaron and Abe’s box-like device permits.

This screening is part of the Dark Skies: A Festival of Science Fast and Fiction season which runs July 13th to 16th 2017. Click here for more information.

77 mins; 2004; USA; Digital


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