John Carpenter

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Screening as part of our Dark Skies: Invasion season July 7th to 29th. Click for more info. Multipass for four films (excluding Aliens) is available for €35 at IFI Box Office.

One of the few remakes to improve upon the original (1951’s The Thing from another World) John Carpenter’s incredibly tense and atmospheric sci-fi horror finds a team of American researchers in Antarctica, led by the taciturn MacReady (Kurt Russell) grappling unsuccessfully with a recently defrosted, shape-shifting foe of alien origin.

Wildly imaginative creature effects courtesy of SFX wizard Rob Bottin are complimented by the exacting widescreen cinematography of Carpenter’s regular DOP Dean Cundey and an effectively nihilistic tone that extends to the ambiguous finale.

1982. 109 mins, USA. Digital


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