Director: Polly Devlin

60 mins, 1990, Digital.

This film screened 24th February 2016.

In association with Temple Bar Gallery and Studio. These films have been selected by curator Megs Morley and artist Amie Siegel as part of her exhibition ‘Imitation of Life’ at TBG+S (Feb 19th – Apr 2nd).

Directed as a film school project by Irish-born author and journalist Polly Devlin, the film is conceived as a ‘traditional’ documentary but explodes into a whirl of ethical contradictions when Daisy, Polly’s young daughter and main subject of the film, apparently withdraws her co-operation. In front of the cameras, an emotional battle for power unfolds and the documentary enters a realm where accepted notions of objective observation collapse. Amid the accusations of manipulation and betrayal, the viewer can never be certain of the truth, never sure when the protagonists are performing for the camera and when they are genuinely its victims.

Followed by a Q&A with Polly Devlin and Amie Siegel. 

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