Duration approx. 72 mins

This film was released 13th April 2016, and is no longer screening.


Mountain Fire Personnel, Alex Tyson, 29 mins, USA, 2015, DCP; Pen Up The Pigs, Kelly Gallagher, 12 mins, USA, 2014, DCP; Africa, Shinkan Tamaki, 11 mins, Japan, 2010, DCP; Inaudible Footsteps, Rei Hayama, 5 mins, Japan, 2015, DCP; Sacris Pulso, Ana Vaz, 15 mins, Brazil, 2013, DCP

Curated by Alice Butler and Daniel Fitzpatrick, aemi presents the second in a three part programme that explores ideas around collectivism as they relate to contemporary film practices.

This programme seeks to examine what are the current limits of cinema as a political apparatus.  From the collage-works of Kelly Gallagher and Ana Vaz to the ‘crowd-sourced collectivism’ at play in Alex Tyson’s Mountain Fire Personnel, the collective is revealed here as a​ complex, multifarious construction. For the artists and filmmakers featured, the role of the collective ​now ​rests somewhere between the personal and the political, the abstract and the figural.

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Please see www.aemi.ie for more details on this programme which continues in May.

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