Butterfly: 36 minutes, 2015, Digital; Invisible World: 53 minutes, 1999, Digital

This film screened 10th February 2016.

In Butterfly, Leonard (Denis Conway), a lonely probation officer, estranged from his wife, is faced with the difficult task of writing a report on Teri (Antonia Campbell-Hughes), a mercurial young graphic designer with convictions for minor theft. Teri’s cooperation or resistance will see her released from the dark past she has lived with for years, or condemned to continue in her downward spiral.

Tony Hogan is a spiritual healer who was born with an extraordinary gift in Invisible World. This film explores the invisible world of healing and follows him as a child on his journey through illness into health and then later his first tentative steps to become a healer.

A second screening of Butterfly will take place on February 13th following an interview with Cathal Black. See here for more.

Showing as part of our Cathal Black Season  (February 6th-14th).

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