Director: Mel Brooks

93 mins, U.S., 1974, Digital

This film screened 9th August 2016.

Our monthly programme strand in which a key film is presented in the context of a notional film canon.

This month’s Bigger Picture will be presented by comedian, actor and writer, Tara Flynn.

What makes for classic comedy? Hear comedian, actor and writer, Tara Flynn, cast her smart and very funny eye over her film of choice, Blazing Saddles, an example of an iconic comedy and one that, as she sees it, ‘would never get made today’. Director and writer Mel Brooks achieved his greatest success with this highly unsubtle spoof western, in which a black sheriff (Cleavon Little) appointed to a white frontier town, seeks help from gunslinging Jim
(Gene Wilder) to win over the locals. (Notes by Alicia McGivern).

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