Director: Andrea Arnold

114 mins, UK-Denmark, 2006, 35mm

This film screened 8th October 2016.

Jackie (Kate Dickie) works at a Glasgow CCTV monitoring centre, observing and noting the transgressions of others. One man, Clyde (Tony Curran), an ex-convict, catches her eye, and when he passes beyond the perimeter of the cameras, she follows him into the streets,
insinuating herself into his life for reasons initially unclear. Influenced by the Dogme 95
movement, the film was the winner of the Jury Prize at Cannes.

The screening will be accompanied by Arnold’s debut short, Milk (10 mins, UK, 1998),
which depicts a couple having very different reactions to a tragic loss.

Screening as part of the Andrea Arnold Retrospective (October 8th-16th 2016).

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