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162 mins, 2016, UK-USA, Digital

This film was released 14th October 2016, and is no longer screening.

★★★★★ Telegraph

★★★★★ Independent

18-year-old Star (newcomer Sasha Lane) abandons her hardscrabble life on the fringes of society in Andrea Arnold’s electrifying take on that American staple, the road movie.

With two dependent siblings and absentee parents, Star’s prospects appear limited until a chance encounter with a group of similarly disaffected kids and their enigmatic leader (Shia LaBeouf) sees her casting her lot in with this band of colourful outsiders who subsist on the antiquated practice of selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door across the Midwest.

Arnold jettisons anything approaching a classical three-act structure, presenting Star’s journey as a picaresque, free-wheeling blur of experiences – love, danger and on-the-cheap hedonism – that crackle with raw kinetic energy. An intoxicating riot of sound and image, American Honey is pure cinema. (Notes by David O’Mahony.)

Part of our Andrea Arnold Retrospective Oct 8th – 16th.

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