Irish Film Institute -COMPLAINTS



Internal – All internal staff complaints can be brought via the IFI’s grievance procedures contained in the IFI staff manual.

External – The IFI welcomes all feedback; suggestions, compliments, ideas, concerns or complaints. The IFI strives to respond to all issues raised, in a positive way, as all feedback helps the IFI raise its standards of professionalism and its service to its membership and the public. Any issue can be raised informally in the first instance with the relevant IFI staff member or Head of Department. The Head of Irish Film Programming is the liaison for IFI Council members. If this does not provide a resolution a formal complaint can be made. A customer, stakeholder, service user or member of the public can raise a matter for concern formally and the following procedures will apply:

Where any complaint is made regarding:

  • Any IFI staff member
  • IFI Cinema member
  • IFI Board member
  • IFI Council Member

The IFI will adopt the following procedure:

  • All complaints must be made in writing or via email, outlining in detail the matter for consideration,
  • Any customer complaints must be addressed to the Director of Public Affairs,
  • Any complaints about a staff member by a stakeholder or service user should be addressed to their Head of Department. This can be found on the IFI website,
  • Any complaints about the IFI Director should be addressed to the IFI Chair,
  • Any complaints about the IFI Chair should be addressed to another IFI Board Member,
  • Any concerns from Council Members should be addressed to the Head of Irish Film Programming.

All complaints will be treated fairly, with respect, confidentially and appropriately whilst following all rules of natural justice.

For the complainant:

The IFI will acknowledge receipt of the complaint at its earliest convenience.

The IFI will respond to any concern or issue raised as soon as reasonably.

If the matter requires an investigation, an appropriate person will be appointed to carry out the investigation, the complainant will be informed and the result of this or any will be communicated to the complaint at the earliest appropriate time.

Following the investigation if it is found that there are no grounds to support the complaint this will be communicated to the complainant. If the complaint is upheld appropriate action will be taken to seek resolution of the issue to the satisfaction of the complainant as soon as practicable. This will be communicated to the complainant in writing.

For the respondent

The IFI will inform them as soon as practicable of the nature of the complaint and advise on what steps if any will be taken to investigate the matter if applicable.

The IFI will seek the respondent’s view on the complaint at the earliest convenience.

The IFI will arrange an investigation meeting and the following will apply.

  • It is acknowledged that the respondent is entitled to natural justice and such principles will be applied throughout the process. To know the reasons for the disciplinary meeting, have a right to reply, the right to representation and the right to an impartial hearing.
  • An investigation meeting will be convened at the earliest possible stage to discuss the matter of the complaint. The respondent will have the opportunity to respond to the matter.
  • After the investigation if the compliant is found not to have any grounds, no further action will be taken and both parties will be communicated in writing of that fact as soon as practicable.
  • If after the investigation it is found that the complaint is upheld, both parties will be communicated of the fact and any further steps recommended to be taken to rectify the matter raised to the satisfaction of the complainant.
  • The outcome of the investigation can be appealed and the complainant and respondent will be advised at this stage as to whom the appeal should be addressed. In any event the appeal should be submitted within seven days.

Annually, the IFI Board, in its review will consider complaints made. The IFI Director will give an overview of any complaints made, their nature and number. If there are any significant complaints that warranted further action, they will be reported on individually to the Board.

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