Irish Film Institute -IFI20 Blogs

IFI20 Blogs

Over the month of September as part of the IFI’s 20th birthday celebrations, the IFI commissioned 20 blogs from some of the many people that have helped us grow and become the organisation we are today. Take a read and enjoy!

Blog 1: Finding home in Temple Bar

Blog 2: And the Oscar goes to…

Blog 3: Quakers in Eustace Street

Blog 4: From IFC to IFI

Blog 5: In Soft Darkness

Blog 6: Back to School

Blog 7: Irish Film Archive

Blog 8: Reeling in the Years

Blog 9: You can never leave…

Blog 10: From Aspiration to Reality

Blog 11: IFI20 Illustrations

Blog 12: The IFI is just half my age

Blog 13: A Night to Remember

Blog 14: Sitting and standing at the IFI

Blog 15: Falling in love… at the IFI

Blog 16: Dancing, eating and drinking at the IFI Café Bar

Blog 17: We’ll take Manhattan

Blog 18: Remembering the IFI

Blog 19: Remembering Tiernan

Blog 20: A Celebration of Audiences


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