IFI Irish Film Archive invited to 3 day symposium on open source tools for use in digital audiovisual preservation

The IFI Irish Film Archive’s Kieran O’Leary ( digital collections) has been invited to take part in a three day symposium focused on utlilising open source tools for use in digital audiovisual preservation hosted by Deutsche KinemathekZuse Institute Berlin and MediaArea.net. The event will feature talks, presentations, and working meetings on Matroska, FFV1, and use cases associated with these formats; and is a valuable opportunity for developers, specification authors, and archivists to collaborate and advance audio-visual preservation formats. More details on No Time to Wait!

Since publishing its Digital Preservation and Access Strategy, in 2014, the IFI Irish Film Archive has been exploring innovative, cost-effective Open Source archiving solutions and working with a dynamic global community of likeminded, developers & preservationists who are rejecting commercial archiving solutions in favour of developing their own non -proprietary tools in order  to achieve their preservation goals.

Kieran has been central to the IFI Irish Film Archive’s  implementation of Open Source Solutions , which have given the archive flexibility and control to create customised applications for digital preservation that were not being offered by expensive end-to-end commercial software. Where possible the IFI contributes to the Open Source projects that it uses, which leads to a sustainable, collaborative engagement with software development and use.

NO TIME TO WAIT! Standardizing open source tools for Preservation

A 3 day symposium of workshops & presentations on the standardization & use of FFV1 & Matroska in archives

Monday, July 18 – Wednesday, July 20

Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen, Berlin



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