Irish Film Institute -2001: A Space Odyssey to screen on 70mm at the IFI from April 8th 

2001: A Space Odyssey to screen on 70mm at the IFI from April 8th 

The IFI exclusively presents Stanley Kubrick’s science-fiction masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey on 70mm from April 8th to 14th with guest scientific expert speakers to introduce a special screening on April 10th as part of its Futures Past season.

On Sunday April 10th the IFI will welcome speakers Joseph Roche (former Mars One Candidate/Professor of Education, TCD) and Peter Gallagher (Professor of Astrophysics, TCD) to discuss the themes of space flight, living ‘off-earth’ and wormholes as part of FUTURES PAST, a season of classic science-fiction films paired with scientific experts, who will speak about how cinema of the past has imagined our future in partnership with Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, and running from April 6th to 27th.

As part of IFI Explorers, a special edition of this film will take place on April 13th where 15-18 year olds can pay just €3 a ticket to see this 70mm masterpiece.

Tickets are available now and cost €12 (€10 IFI Members). Book online at or call 01 679 3477.

For more media information and images please contact Michelle McDonagh at the IFI Press Office on 01 679 5744

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