Special guests including Steve Coogan attend the gala preview screening of Stephen Frears’ Philomena at the IFI

Recently we welcomed special guests, including Steve Coogan, Ruth McCabe, Cathy Belton and Sean Mahon, to the gala preview screening of Stephen Frears’ superb Philomena at the IFI. See photos from the event.

Philomena is currently showing at the IFI.

Praise for Philomena:

“… Playing a woman with a near super-human capacity for forgiveness, Judi Dench deals in levels of sadness that could draw tears from a boulder. Yet the film also manages to be one of the funniest odd-couple comedies in recent decades. ★★★★★ The Irish Times

Philomena, as a film, is a remarkable achievement by all concerned, balancing humour, unexpected of its bleak tale, with an appropriate sense of anger…As Philomena, Judi Dench triumphs in a performance of subtle brilliance.” Film Ireland

“Dench and Coogan are wonderful together, their initial culture-clash bridged by their common goal and their mutual inability to reveal the depth of their emotions. All told, it’s a very powerful account of faith, love and acceptance.” ★★★★★ Irish Examiner

“While the true story is indeed heartbreaking, it is so heart-warmingly written, with this relationship as the key focus, that it will have audiences laughing and crying.” Tara Loughrey-Grant, RTE Ten (5/5)

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