Irish Film Institute -Digital Media Research Opportunity

Digital Media Research Opportunity

NOTE: This is now Closed.

The IFI and The Ark, A Cultural Centre for Children [hereafter “The Ark”] invite tenders from suitably qualified professionals to undertake a research project in the area of digital art, with a view to informing a new visual art residency in digital media at the IFI and The Ark in 2013.


The IFI is the national body for film with a long experience of promoting film and engagement with film culture to audiences including children and young people both in and out of school.

The work of the IFI is largely in the area of film screenings in the organisations’ three cinemas or at partner venues, but also developing resources, workshops and projects that focus on film and media literacy. A schools’ programme, teen and family programme, and an annual festival are just some of the ways in which the organisation engages with children and young people. The IFI also houses the Irish Film Archive which the public are invited to access through different programmes and initiatives.

Mission of The Ark

The Ark introduces children to the joy, wonder and creativity of the arts, and plays a vital role in raising the standard of culture for children. Here, in a unique building designed specifically for them, children aged two to 12 explore everything from theatre, music and literature to painting, film, dance and more. They discover what it means to be an artist, from respected professional artists. There is no better way to nurture hungry young imaginations, or to inspire a lifelong journey through culture.


Mindful of the relevance of digital media in the contemporary lives of children and young people, both the IFI and The Ark wish to collaborate together on a new digital artist residency in 2013.

Research to be Undertaken

The successful candidate will:

  • Research visual artists who combine excellence in digital media practice with quality child-centred engagement. Areas of practice could include concept art, illustration, animation, character design, web-based activities and video game art;
  • Provide a number of international examples of best practice in digital art residencies, including detail of their appointment process, costs, evaluation and cultural impact;
  • Undertake a brief survey of current digital art work with children and young people in Ireland, both in and out of school;
  • Make recommendations to the IFI/The Ark for a digital art residency, with a view to best creative outcome;
  • put forward a number of artists who may be in a position to tender;
  • outline draft terms of reference and budget for such a residency.

Making a proposal

Your proposal should outline how you would carry out this piece of research, what approach you would adopt for each element of the project and what methodologies you would use. Give an outline plan of the research project.

Your application: you should include details of relevant research and arts experience. Include general information such as
– Name
– Address
– Contact Details
– Business (if relevant)
– Name of any third party involved in the tender

Budget: the fee for this tender will be: €3,000

Awarding the tender: the tender contract will be awarded on the basis of the following
– Quality and appropriateness of methodology, as outlined in tender
– Understanding of the research field, scope of the project and ability to deliver the objectives and outcomes as specified
– Proven expertise in similar research projects
– Overall cost

Reporting: the successful candidate will be required to report at specified stages of the project

Timeframe of research: January to May 2012

Payment: 50% on commission, 50% on delivery, on receipt of invoice

Ownership of Information: ownership of report relating to this project will lie with The Ark/IFI

Queries: any further queries should be sent to

Submission deadline for tenders: 

NOTE: Due to the holidays, the submission deadline has been extended to Monday, 9th January, 2012




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