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Oct 17, 10.30 (rated 15A)
This award-winning Western has much to offer the comparative study, such as examination of the hero, the world of the Western, and themes of revenge, good and evil.
Clint Eastwood is retired gunslinger William Munny, coaxed out of his hog-farming retirement in return of a bounty. In this old-style Western, men ruled, and disputes were sorted by the fun; Eastwood directs and stars as the cowboy ready to hang up his holster, like his own great Western career.

NT Live Hamlet (Encore)
Feb 26, 10.15 (rec age 15+)
William Shakespeare’s Hamlet returns in this National Theatre Live presentation, first staged in 2015.
Lyndsey Turner directs with visual flair and gothic sensibility while Benedict Cumberbatch delivers a masterful interpretation of a Hamlet profoundly torn. As a country arms itself for war, a family tears itself apart. Forced to avenge his father’s death but paralysed by the task ahead, Hamlet rages against the impossibility of his predicament, threatening both his sanity and the security of the state.
This production renders Shakespeare’s protagonist identifiable to a new generation.

Mar 20, 10.30 (rated 15A)
Filling the feel-good gap of former comparative text Billy Elliot is this heartfelt British film concerning the unlikely pairing of striking Welsh miners and gay rights activists from London in Thatcher-era Britain. On the outside totally different, with both sides marginalised from mainstream society, they find they also have much in common.
Hilarious in places and heartfelt throughout, the film offers insights into a Britain rife with prejudice and intolerance, while underlining the importance and impact of standing up for your rights.


Oct 10, Nov 6, Dec 12, Jan 9, Feb 12, Mar 28 – 10.30 (rec age 15+)

This year’s senior French film choice for schools is the sensitive, realistic story of Maxime and Mélanie, a teen couple in love. Maxime is a talented footballer and likely to be selected for trials. Life is good but when Mélanie comes pregnant, their worlds are rocked. Their parents’ responses are very differently, and as the pair try to decide what to do, they feel pressure coming at them from all sides.

An honest and heartfelt drama about young people thrust into adulthood, it poses rich questions for discussion such as ‘Who am I?’, ‘How do I make decisions?’ and ‘Who do I want to be?’

Please note this film contains some strong sexual references and a scene with strobe lighting.

Study guide in association with the French Cultural Service available here.

Also showing around Ireland – click for locations.


The Silent Revolution
Oct 11, Jan 17, Feb 5 – 10.30 (rec age 15) 
Based on true events, The Silent Revolution is a captivating Col War-era drama told from the perspective of two East German high school students. During a visit to West Berlin in 1956, Theo and Kurt witness dramatic footage of the violent Budapest uprising against Soviet forces. Back at school in Stalinstadt, they spontaneously stage a silent protest in class in support of the Hungarians who lost their lives.
Set during the Soviet occupation, the film highlights the stifling grip that the authorities maintained in the region and the impact on those living there.
Presented in co-operation with the Goethe-Institut Irland. Study guide available here.
Also showing around Ireland – click for locations. 


The Chessplayer
Oct 16, Dec 18, Mar 21 – 10.30 (rec age 15+)
Madrid, 1934. As the political landscape grows more threatening under Franco, Champion chessplayer Diego and his French wife move to Paris, only to later
find themselves in the midst of Nazi occupation. When Diego becomes falsely imprisoned, he must use chess to earn the trust of his captors.
The Chessplayer tells a humanist story of an ordinary man caught up in extraordinary circumstances, and offers students a Spanish perspective on this turbulent era of European history.
In association with Consejería de Educación, Embassy of Spain. Study guide available here.
Also screening around Ireland – click for locations.


An tSaothraí
Mar 13, Mar 14 – 10.30 (rated 12A)
I gcomhair Sheachtain na Gaeilge taispeánfar an beochan fada is déanaí ón stiúideo Éireannach Cartoon Salon. Tá an scéal suite in 2001 in Cabúl atá faoi
smacht an Talaban, agus insíonn sé scéal Parvana, cailín aon bhliain déag d’aois, a ligeann uirthi gur buachaill í le soláthar dá teaghlach agus le hiarracht
a dhéanamh saol a athar a shábháil. Ar an tslí, buaileann sí le cailín eile i mbréagríocht agus le chéile, ag tarraingt ar chumhacht na scéalaíochta, tagann
siad ar an neart agus ar an misneach chun aghaidh a thabhairt ar fhírinne uafásach an chogaidh atá rompu.
Set in 2001 in Taliban-controlled Kabul, this extraordinary animation from Irish studio Cartoon Saloon tells the story of 11 year-old Parvana who conceals her identity to provide for her family and try to save her father’s life. Along the way, she meets another girl in disguise and together, drawing on the power of storytelling, they find the strength and courage to face the horrifying reality of the encroaching war.


No 21 – 10.30 (rated 15A) 
A semi-autobiographical account of Vietnam from iconoclast Oliver Stone, Platoon is an exploration of the dehumanising effects of war, rooted in Stone’s own experiences and in countless post-war testimonies. The film swept the Oscars and struck a chord in America with its identifiable portrayal of a soldier (Charlie Sheen) on the brink. For students studying the Vietnam War under the Johnson administration, Stone’s film is an excellent account of the effects of the President’s decisions on the ground.


Bohemian Rhapsody
Oct 24 – 10.15 (rated 12A) 
Bohemian Rhapsody follows the iconic rock band Queen as they record their biggest songs and perform their most legendary shows, including a stunning recreation of their 1985 Live Aid concert. Featuring a superb lead performance from Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, it is a heroic portrayal that also explores the inspiration, composition and meaning behind some of the band’s songs. This long-awaited biopic is a must-see for students of music encountering the eponymous song in class.
Members of official tribute act Queen Extravaganza will attend our special preview on October 24th for
a short Q&A about Queen’s music and working in the music industry.
Preview in association with 20th Century Fox Ltd.


Westwood: Punk, Icon Activist
Nov 14, Jan 22 – 10.30 (rated 15A) 
Credited by many as having created the look of punk in the 1970s, designer Vivienne Westwood is an undisputed icon of the British fashion world. This
intimate documentary follows the designer, now aged 77, as she works hard to control the integrity of her brand and her legacy. Using archive footage
and interviews with associates, we are introduced to a true rebel, an entrepreneur and advocate for environmental and social issues.
Entrepreneur and activist Norah Casey will introduce the screening on November 14th.


Mar 26 – 10.30 (rating TBC) 
Irish boxer Katie Taylor is currently riding high as the holder of WBA and IBF World Lightweight titles. After a disastrous campaign at the Rio 2016
Olympic Games, Katie turned professional. This revealing documentary follows Taylor as she attempts to get back on track following that major
blow to her career, and shows her determination to succeed in the professional boxing arena. Students of PE will find much to discuss including gender in
sport, going professional, and planning for optimum performance.


Nov 7 – 10.30 (rated 15A) 
Alexander McQueen was a British fashion designer and couturier. From Savile Row apprentice to fourtime British Designer of the Year, he excelled and
excited with his tailoring, theatricality and the sheer bravura of his shows. His life cut short by suicide, this documentary traces his career, with footage from
some of his most famous and provocative shows.
Please note that this film contains strong language and references to sexual violence.

Junk Kouture 2019: Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture is a national contest which encourages young designers in second level education to create striking couture designs from everyday junk. Sara Ryan, Chief Operations Officer of Junk Kouture, will be on hand to introduce our screening of McQueen and present a former winner and their costume.

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