Director: Orson Welles

USA, 1941, Drama, 119 min

Orson Welles’ masterpiece, one of the world’s most famous and highly rated films, topped critics’ polls for many years. Released in 1941, it was the first film Welles co-wrote, directed, and produced. When publishing tycoon Charles Foster Kane (Welles) dies, news reporters scramble to find the meaning of his final utterance. The film is particularly praised for its ground-breaking cinematography, music, and narrative structure.

Which film tops the poll for your class? Is Citizen Kane the greatest film ever? With your class discuss which titles you think should top the poll. Consider cinematography, editing, soundtrack, narrative and plot when choosing and nominate your top three films in our online poll at www.ifi.ie/learn/citizenkanepoll 

We’ll announce the winner at the Citizen Kane screening. 

Screening as part of the 2014 Autumn/Winter IFI Schools Programme.

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