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The Making of the Rocky Road to Dublin

    • Director

      Paul Duane

    • Credits

      Producer: Sé Merry Doyle.

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Made as companion piece for Rocky Road to Dublin during its revival in the 2000s, The Making of Rocky Road to Dublin describes the journey of Lennon’s iconoclastic documentary from its creation and initial life on the screen to its resurgence in popularity more than thirty years after production. Present-day interviews with Lennon and Raoul Coutard trace how the film grew from an idea into a fully-fledged feature. The film’s turbulent distribution experience, including its de facto banning in Ireland and its role in Paris riots of 1968 are also recounted, before the focus comes to film’s rebirth in the contemporary era and the recognition of it as a record of 1960s Ireland. A companion piece to Rocky Road to Dublin, this documentary should only be screened in conjunction with Lennon's original.

Notes by Sunniva O'Flynn.

30 minutes, Ireland, 2004, Colour

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