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The Van

Stephen Frears, 100 minutes, 1996

Following on from The Commitments and The Snapper, The Van is the third instalment of ‘The Barrytown Trilogy’ and offers another look into the tragi-comic, working class lives of Barrytown’s residents. Here it is unemployed middle-aged men Larry (Colm Meaney)…

Words Upon the Window Pane

Mary McGuckian, 98 minutes, 1994

Mary McGuckian’s atmospheric period piece is an adaptation of a one-act play by W.B. Yeats in which he explored the occult, a subject in which he had a life-long interest. Set during a series of séances hosted by the Dublin…

Young Cassidy

Jack Cardiff, 105 minutes, 1965

Though only loosely based on the early life of Sean O’Casey (renamed Johnny Cassidy), this colourful drama includes key historical moments from 1911 to the late 1920s – the 1913 Lockout, 1916 Rising, and the riots at the opening of…


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