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In Orbit

Katie McNeice, 17 minutes, 2019

There was once an invisible optician, living in a strange and lonely world. Her story starts with a broken lens and the woman who taught her to see things differently.


Connor Clements, 17 minutes, 2008

In this multi-award winning short James (Niall Wright), an isolated and friendless young man has to come to terms with his sexuality whilst dealing with the pain of a dysfunctional family and the attentions of an elderly man. Only friendly…


Hugh Rodgers, 8 minutes, 2018

Johnny is a young Traveller who has to come to terms with his sexuality, and wants to help his deeply traditional community to do the same. Available as part of a curated series of shorts GAZE on Tour 2018.


Graham Cantwell, 22 minutes, 2016

The tale of an adolescent girl with a secret, on the cusp of becoming a young woman. In the wake of a violent and vicious homophobic attack, she is faced with the greatest challenge of her young life. Available as…

Outitude: The Irish Lesbian Community

Sonya Mulligan, 90 minutes, 2018

A heartfelt documentary that explores the definitions, connections and commonalities of what it means to be lesbian. Through interviews and group discussions with all facets of the Irish LGBTQI+ community, the film delves into the lives of rural and urban…

Panic Attack

Anthony Assad, 14 minutes, 2020

Alex, a trans teenager, sets himself a challenge to confront his anxieties about how the world sees him and how he sees himself.

Papi Chulo

John Butler, 98 minutes, 2018

In Los Angeles, the perfect world of gay TV weatherman Sean (Matt Bomer) is shaken with the end of a significant relationship and a very public on-air meltdown. Forced to take time off, he fills his empty days and his…

The Queen of Ireland

Conor Horgan, 82 minutes, 2016

Panti Bliss – AKA Rory O’Neill – is many things: Ireland’s premiere drag queen, successful businesswoman and, most recently, an accidental activist and campaigner on the world stage championing LGBT rights. Described by long-time co-conspirator Niall Sweeney as a “glamorous…

The Red Tree

Paul Rowley , 22 minutes, 2018

The Red Tree is a "powerful and poetic" short film that tells the little known history of Italian gay men being arrested and exiled to a remote island during Mussolini's Fascist regime. Available as part of a curated series of…

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