Tout est pardonne

Director: Mia Hansen-Løve

France| 2007| 105 mins

Victor lives in Vienna with his Austrian wife Annette and their 6-year-old daughter Pamela. Victor and Annette’s is a difficult marriage. He, a failed writer, feels isolated by her extended family and spends his days, and sometimes his nights, out of the house. Very much attached to him, Annette hopes that he will get his act together once they move back to Paris. But in France, Victor doesn’t give up his bad habits and after a violent argument, he leaves the family home to live with his girlfriend, a junkie. Annette takes Pamela and returns to Vienna. But 11 years later, she and Pamela are again living in Paris and Victor tentatively lays the groundwork for a reunion. First-time director Hansen-Løve has carefully crafted a narrative that reveals as much about how a family is built as how one is destroyed by a series of small dramatic moments. Watch out for the performances by two unprofessional actresses, Victoire and Constance Rousseau, two real-life sisters who both play the role of Pamela, as a little girl and young woman respectively.

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