Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Director: Joseph Strick

92 mins| colour| 1977

Ten years after tackling the epic Ulysses Joseph Strick once again chose the Joyce canon as his subject matter. In adaptating Joyce’s autobiographical first novel Strick replaces much of the stream of conciousness of the book with visual representation in this fascinating but flawed film. Bosco Hogan leads a strong Irish cast that includes TP McKenna, Rosaleen Linehan and Maureen Potter, as Stephan Dedalus the intense and serious young man who questions the tyranny of family, state and religion in their attempt to control his body, mind and soul. But it is veteran actor Sir John Gielgud who shines as the fire and brimstone preacher conjuring up a vivid portrait of eternal damnation and terrifying the young Dedalus and his classmates.

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